5: Radiator supports are sprayed with proper finishes such as this black-out.
6: Undersides can be painted, though our most popular finish is this attractive undercoat.
7: Undercoats are shot in the wheel area where desired, or painted to match the car.
8: Tail panels can be blacked-out as well.
1: Our polish is some of the best in the business and our paint is as close to flawless as humanly possible.
2: Trunks are painted with the same care and attention to detail as the outer body.
3: Floors can be painted, or as in this case, sprayed with a sound-deadening heat barrier. Its also common for us to Dyna-mat.
4: All details are attended to. Cowls are painted with complete attention to detail. No flaws, overspray or dirt here!
  9: Engine compartments are painted with full attention to detail. No dirty corners or thinly-painted areas.
10: We do custom fiberglass hoods as well as steel. This is a factory-style AAR hood that has been 'bulged' for a more aggressive look.
11: Engines can be reassembled with a strictly factory appearance or updated with aftermarket parts. A/C is easily added.
12: Graphics such as factory decals can be applied or the same graphic can be shot in paint and sealed under the clear coat.
13: We build custom all-steel hoods such as this Viper-inspired cowl hood with functional extractors.
14: Complete chassis swaps are part of what we offer. This is a Roadster Shop setup for a 67 Mustang with 4-link and C6.
15: Body modifications are our specialty. This Mustang gets widened quarters and modified arches to hold the 20x13's.
16: Modifications are only limited by your imagination. Thats a turbo going in the quarter panel of a 69 Super Bee.
17: We'll refinish your factory suspension to a beautifully detailed finish or we can swap it out for custom aftermarket units. That's a 3-link with Watts linkage under there.
18: Engine upgrades can be as simple or complex as you can imagine. This is a late-model Hemi with individual-throttle-body intakes.
19: Wheel and tire upgrades are a piece of cake. We're experienced at determining maximum tire size and proper wheel offset.
20: Paint is limited only by your imagination. This is a custom mix of House of Kolor pearl base coats on a 71 Challenger.
Look, if you're wanting a near-stock resto-mod, we can easily provide that. If you're wanting to go pro-touring, we can do that too. If you're thinking of going all the way with a Muscle Rod, then we're the only logical choice. Your car, built to your level of originality or insanity. We can do that. But you gotta call.
"We sweat the petty things"...